CertLink Delivers Longitudinal Assessment Online

Certlink logo (R) RGB 72dpi.jpgCertLink® is an innovative technology platform for the creation of online assessment programs that drive physician professional development and learning. Available to users on web and mobile, CertLink is based on longitudinal assessment, a proven method to help ensure continuous acquisition of knowledge over time. This method helps physicians increase their understanding, continuing knowledge, and skills toward achieving the practice standards for board certification. Through CertLink, users can choose when, where and how they take assessments.

How CertLink Works

CertLink helps physicians learn more efficiently. It combines the ease and automation of online assessment with the timeliness of immediate scoring, critique, and suggested resources for self-study. (See some of CertLink's features and benefits in this video.)

With the longitudinal assessment approach, questions are presented at regular intervals, requiring users to recall what was previously learned and then build on that knowledge. Incorrect answers trigger the system to repeat key information in a new question, keeping learning dynamic and continuous. Knowledge gained in this way can be more readily recalled and applied to various situations.

Content is determined by each participating Board and is driven by new practice guidelines, peer-reviewed articles, or advances in the specialty.

Download the CertLink-Poster-11x17-20190212-w-matte-dropshadow-320x251.pngCertLink brochure here.

If you’d like to learn how the CertLink platform may help your assessment delivery, contact us at connect@mycertlink.org.