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Nicole Kendall on CertLink: ABMS’ Convenient Online Assessment Tool

Nicole Kendall, Assessment Director of Products and Programs at ABMS, describes CertLink®, ABMS’ convenient online longitudinal assessment tool that is being pilot-tested by seven ABMS Member Boards. She provides an update about the platform that is transforming continuing certification and gaining large-scale support among diplomates with a 96% approval rating.

TRANSCRIPT: CertLink is a pilot program designed to improve patient care while minimizing the burden of maintaining board certification. There are seven ABMS member boards piloting CertLink as an alternative to the continuing certification exam. CertLink is based on learning theory that suggests that repetition is the key to adult learning. CertLink delivers an online longitudinal assessment platform that determines if and where knowledge gaps exist offers opportunities for learning through immediate feedback and relevant references to fill those knowledge gaps and then reassesses knowledge over time. CertLink offers individualized practice relevant assessments that are conveniently accessed via the web or a mobile device. It provides current content, immediate feedback, a personalized performance dashboard, and opportunities for ongoing learning. All seven ABMS member boards participating in CertLink have successfully launched their pilots. For most boards the initial launch involved a limited number of diplomates and focused on testing the platform. With the initial launch behind them the boards are rolling out CertLink more broadly to their diplomate communities. Diplomates participating in the pilot gives certain link a 96% approval rating. They're finding it to be a valuable tool in improving the care that they provide to their patients while reducing the burden of maintaining their board certification.