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American Board of Medical Specialties Selects FIGmd to Develop its New CertLink® Platform

American Board of Medical Specialties Selects FIGmd to Develop its New CertLink® Platform

The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS), a leading organization that oversees physician Board Certification and the Program for Maintenance of Certification (ABMS MOC®) in the United States, has announced the selection of FIGmd, Inc., to partner with in creating the technology solution CertLink®, a new, web-based assessment platform that leverages smart mobile technology to explore new assessment approaches. A leading provider of clinical data registry platforms, FIGmd’s demonstrated expertise in the inventive management of clinical information and data transfer as well as their high levels of customer satisfaction and project management proficiency were key factors in its selection to develop CertLink.  When completed, CertLink will support the design, delivery and evaluation of innovative pilot programs of those ABMS Member Boards that elect to use the platform.  

“We are pleased to be working with FIGmd on the development of CertLink,” stated ABMS President and Chief Executive Officer Lois Margaret Nora, MD, JD, MBA. “They have a strong reputation for being a groundbreaking software partner that is mindful of their customer’s strategic objectives and is both flexible and dynamic in their thinking and approach. With multiple Member Boards interested in the new platform, CertLink needs to be configurable and customizable - an approach that FIGmd has successfully demonstrated in their support of different medical societies and organizations.”

The CertLink platform will allow interested ABMS Member Boards the opportunity to explore and pilot new methods of assessing physician knowledge. The platform’s design flexibility will allow participating Member Boards the ability to create a program that best meets their diplomates’ needs as well as their specialty-specific MOC requirements. The mobile feature of the platform is an added benefit as it will offer physicians easy access which in turn will encourage and improve use of the system.

“We are excited about working with ABMS to build CertLink,” said Sanket Baralay, CEO of FIGmd. “ABMS selected us based on our intrinsic ability to deliver solutions that work, on time and within budget, and that delight the ultimate customer – the end user. We are honored to be a part of this effort in advancing the frontier in the field of continuous certification and assessment.”

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