Forum on Organizational Quality Improvement

In 2014, ABMS, in conjunction with the Multi-Specialty Portfolio Approval Program (Portfolio Program) and the Pediatric Portfolio Program, hosted the first annual Forum on Organizational Quality Improvement. The Forum provides an opportunity for leading health care providers to discuss and expand the research and scholarship around quality improvement (QI) and the ABMS Program for Maintenance of Certification (ABMS MOC®), share best practices across Portfolio Program sponsors, and highlight organizational QI efforts at sponsor sites. The event features a poster session showcasing examples of organizational QI efforts and MOC activities.

2016 Forum

The 2016 Forum, Engaging Medical Professionals in Program Quality and Performance Improvement, hosted by ABMS, in conjunction with the Portfolio Program, explored the emerging role of public policy on QI and research. Health care leaders, QI experts, policy makers, leading researchers, and journal editors addressed the forces driving QI; shared MOC quality initiatives and best practices across Portfolio Program sponsors; and explored research and evaluation possibilities as well as dissemination opportunities. The QI Forum featured interactive plenary sessions, tailored breakout sessions, networking opportunities, and a poster session.

2015 Forum

The 2015 Forum, Advancing Relevance, Alignment, and Continuous Improvement in Portfolio Programs and MOC, hosted by ABMS, in conjunction with the Portfolio Program and the American Board of Pediatrics Portfolio Program, facilitated discussions on leadership concepts, ABMS MOC® quality initiatives, and best practices across Portfolio Program sponsors. Interactive breakout sessions provided an opportunity for participants to share program successes and challenges, and a poster session highlighted best practices and research in both the Portfolio Programs and Member Board Programs for MOC.

2014 Forum

The 2014 Forum, Fostering Best Practices and Research in Portfolio Programs and MOC, offered new evidence demonstrating the successful integration of QI initiatives and the MOC Program. In addition to 29 presentations, the poster session highlighted 27 successful QI projects, providing examples of reducing adverse drug events, ensuring continuous professional development, and documenting enhanced patient care, among others.