Promoting Continuous Professional Development Through MOC

Additionally, ABMS promotes continuous professional development (CPD) for Board Certified physicians through the Member Boards’ Programs for Maintenance of Certification (MOC®). The ABMS Program for MOC focuses on six core competencies that physicians agree are key to the delivery of quality patient care. These competencies are assessed through a four-part framework. Each of the 24 ABMS Member Boards has created its own MOC program tailored for the specialists it certifies, but all of them measure the same core competencies within the same four-part framework.

The primary goals of the ABMS Program for MOC are to:

  • Improve the quality of care provided to patients and communities;
  • Improve health outcomes; and
  • Provide a systematic, rigorous, relevant method for ongoing professional learning and assessment in knowledge, skills, judgment, and professionalism – one that is trusted by the public and believed in by the profession.

MOC incorporates continuing medical education—a mainstay of physician learning—and goes beyond it by adding self-directed learning, self-evaluation, and performance feedback components that take the learning cycle full circle. By engaging in such activities, physicians have the ability to positively impact their practice by addressing knowledge and performance gaps that can result in improved patient outcomes. Read more about how the ABMS Program for MOC delivers improved outcomes.

Through participation in MOC, physicians demonstrate their commitment to lifelong learning and assessment, or CPD, as well as accountability to the public.